The Witch Doctor’s Wife

A prim missionary, a sleazy executive, and a humble witch doctor are all players in Myers’ captivating debut set in the Congo in the 1950s. As the novel opens, young South Carolina missionary Amanda Brown weathers a rocky flight en route to her new post as manager of a missionary guesthouse in tiny Belle Vue. It is a harbinger of the challenges that await her. Though small and primitive, Belle Vue is populated by many larger-than-life personalities, from Amanda’s cranky housekeeper (with the wonderfully odd name, Protruding Navel) to the local witch doctor’s wife, whose limp leads people to underestimate her—at their peril. The discovery of a large uncut diamond draws out the sinister side of Belle Vue’s inhabitants, and Amanda soon finds herself caught up in the chaos. Myers, author of the Den of Antiquity and Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries, was born and raised in the Congo, and she writes vividly about her childhood home. Fans of Alexander McCall Smith are sure to relish this opportunity to learn about another intriguing area of Africa